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Increase the performance of your inside sales team by as much as 400% with in-market B2B prospecting.

Say goodbye to cold prospect lists...

When your prospect lists are targeted by position title and company firmographics alone,  you’re setting your sales team up for failure. No matter how much your reps contact them, most of these people simply have no interest in what you sell. 

While your sales team is busy selling to closed doors, thousands of individuals are actively researching your product or service online with intent to buy. You need a way to tell your sales team who these in-market prospects are.

B2B prospect lists that increase sales conversion to outreach by 4x.
B2B prospecting tool that increases response-rate to outreach by 4x.

...and hello to in-market prospecting!

We use buyer intent data to compile weekly lists of prospects currently researching your B2B product or service online. These in-market individuals are open to sales outreach and over 4x more likely to respond positively to it. 

We pair the exceptional power of this service with a close, open, and cooperative relationship with every client. We’re not just another B2B data provider; we’re a passionate team working side by side with yours to support your sales strategy.

Our Clients Love Working With Us


I can’t say enough great things about the team at Blackfire Systems. Working with them has been a gamechanger for us. A great decision for any B2B business that relies on cold outreach to drive new sales revenue.

Business 2 Business lead lists that create impressive increases in sales conversions for mid-market Business to Business companies.

John DeLaurier

CSO, DeLaurier Roofing

"Substantial ROI"

Blackfire Systems has proven themselves to be a reliable and valuable part of our sales and marketing strategy. Their service has helped us land major projects and delivered substantial ROI on our marketing investment.

B2B prospecting service that grows sales to cold outreach by 300 percent.

Lance Cheely

CEO, Orign LA


We’ve never felt so in control of our sales funnel. Blackfire Systems has a flexible and common-sense approach to lead prospecting. Working with them has been an enjoyable and profitable experience. 

Business to Business lead lists that create huge improvements in sales revenue for mid-market Business to Business companies.

Bryan Acker


Support ABM Strategy

Prospecting based on both individual and company linked buyer intent signals, enables accurate account based marketing strategy.

Increase Response Rate

In-market prospects are have active interest in your product or service, which means they’re likely to respond positively to sales outreach.

Prioritize Sales Outreach

Prospect scoring based on buyer intent signals allows prioritization of prospects and accounts based on their stage in the buyer’s journey.

Shorten Sales Cycle

In-market prospects are in the buyer’s journey. They need your product or service in the immediate future and aren’t just kicking tires.

Control the Buyer's Journey

Be the first company prospects talk to. Educate and define the market before your competitors even have a chance to introduce themselves.

Optimize Marketing

Seamlessly align marketing campaigns with sales outreach by leveraging coordinated audiences and prospect lists based on the buyer’s journey.

and many more...

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